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Panagiotis Papassotiriou   Ba(hons).Dip.Arch.ARB RIBA

Boutique Hotel - Kalogria, Greece

This project was completed in collaboration with fellow architect Theo Gazotzis


This is the proposal for the design and construction of a small hotel and 17 bungalows on the surrounding grounds. The site is located in a significant environmental hub of the Peloponnese peninsular and we had to make sure that all the environmental concerns regarding local wildlife and vegetation as well as sustainable development were taken into account. Currently the client has appointed S2PiA to be the project architects however a recent reshuffle of the building regulations and code in Greece has put all the developments on environmentally sensitive areas on hold until further notice. Our design incorporates major ground heat pump and photovoltaic installations, water retention, allotment creation and livestock enclosures infrastructure. Food as well as energy will be produced and consumed locally along with locally sourced building materials such as stone etc. This will be a very effective method of reducing CO2  emissions.

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