Panagiotis Papassotiriou   Ba(hons).Dip.Arch.ARB RIBA

Minnetonka Shoe-Store, Kolonaki, Greece

This project was completed in collaboration with fellow architect Valia Foufa


Shoe store Interior decoration project in Kolonaki. The small footprint of 22,5m2 and the need for storage spaces beyond the exhibition space drove as to create two areas. Exposed, white painted interior with hidden storage and cupboards in the showroom as space one and storage area hidden behind the sculptured partition wall background as space two. The reception area is divided into three areas, depending on the function it serves. The centerpiece underlines the movement area, left and right of this are placed the exhibition spaces which allow for greater freedom and comfort of movement and view, which as a result of the limited space we did not want to be bound by compact showcases. The third area is the area of ​​administration and is separated from the showroom with a furniture that doubles up as a desk and a changing area. Trying to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood and invite the people to visit the shoe store we extended beyond the exterior glazing a compact night illuminated plexiglas cube that creates a focal point.