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The second of a series of studies / proposals that combines the efforts of F4 Construction team that was set up to implement the holistic approach to the design process, construction and distribution we would like to promote. This is a proposal for a residential complex. 


The project combines, from its inception, the collective strategy that has derived from the various consultants forming the design and implementation team.


Our effort is manifested in the triptych inspiration + design + application.


F4 Construction will act as the executing and implementation agency ensuring the consistency, continuity and quality of the original design.


The 3 levels of each of the two structures could be described as follows:


1. 50m2 Ground floor independent apartment consisting of a combined living room (with fireplace) / dining room and kitchen, one double bedroom and WC with storage space. 


2. 70m2 1st floor maisonette consisting of one double bedroom, bathroom with storage, living room with fireplace and dining room, separate kitchen that could open to the dining room if the end user decides to do so. 


3. Maisonette spanning for 35m2 to loft consisting of one double bedroom with en-suit and storage space.


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