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Panagiotis Papassotiriou   Ba(hons).Dip.Arch.ARB TEE


Panos studied Architecture at the UNL, Ba(Hons) and London Metropolitan University, Dip. Arch, where he completed RIBA III and ARB registration. He was an award winning student with build projects and publications.
Following 4 years working at PCKO and gaining a vast amount of experience in various aspects of the architectural practice Panos decided to establish S2PiA (Studio 2Pi Architecture) in Argos.

The practice is concerned with many aspects of the design disciplines. We undertake work that spans between various sectors such as architectural design, interior design, masterplaning, sustainable and bioclimatic applications.
We are driven by the constant and ever-changing architectural philosophies that provide our starting point. We aim to enhance the environment by incorporating specifically designed buildings that correspond to their surroundings socially as well as environmentally.  
We believe that through constant discussion amongst the profession and the construction industry as a whole we could establish the necessary measures that could fulfil our role in the modern world. We have to answer questions that go beyond the realm of form and function, questions that will fundamentally affect the future of our planet and our species.
The architectural approach is based on clear principles that define the process:
1. Design excellence achieved through constant philosophical dialogue and pragmatic examples. We aim to design and create buildings that respond to their surroundings, serve the end user and enhance our environment aesthetically, functionally as well as by providing a sustainable future for all.    
2. Programmatic and budgetary control is achieved through our project management processes.  Our commitment to work towards the common goal with the rest of the design team is paramount in any successful project with the close monitoring and input in all the design stages from concept, planning, construction and finally completion.


The practice is collaborating with various UK architects creating dynamic relationships that exchange ideas and promote a constant architectural dialogue on issues both current and enduring. Issues that span between the synthesis of architectural components to the formality of modern architectural concepts. In this collaboration we seek to enhance our understanding of the architectural profession and development as well as the systematic production of information that exists in the continent.


Konstantinos Salapatas  


Konstantinos studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens completing his degree in 2009. He then moved on to study Architectural Engineering- Msc at the Architecture Technical University of Crete- TUC, Greece completing his Diploma in 2016.

The influence from the two quite similar studies that Konstantinos undertook shape an architectural vocabulary that correspond to all scales of the architectural realm. The attention to detail and the production of visual information are key points that are used to communicate the ideas and designs. Materiality and object use are of great significance in creating timeless spaces that correspond to today's needs but at the same time could transcend to the future or the past with minor or no changes at all.

Worked for Marialena Tsolkas architects & construction before joining S2PiA in 2018.

He is a registered architect with the Technical Chamber of Greece.

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