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"Base - Body - Head".


The proposal deals with the creation of a new three-storey apartment building with underground parking.

The elements that determined the morphology of the building are the historical architectural styles of the area and the element of the "new" as it can be expressed in the specific context. Thus, the face of the building on Deinarchou Street is articulated in this way in two distinct parts, base and body.

At base level, the rendering of the shape of the semicircular ridges is chosen as an extension of the perimeter of the vertebral body of the column. The material chosen in this case is white marble because it gives robustness to the base of the structure but also because the reaction of this material over time and the way it ages is something that contributes to the experiential connection to the wider environment. It creates a clear allusion to the historical references of the area.

In contrast to the base, at the level of the main body, the use of translucency is chosen as this conceptually and morphologically gives the concept of "new", creating dipoles such as soft-hard, open-closed, thus enhancing the contrast and coexistence of the "new" with the "old". At the same time, the concept of social extroversion is rendered synthetically through translucency, while contributing to the bioclimatic upgrade of its spaces and at the same time promoting its thermal insulation properties as a passive house.




Giorgos Taraviras - Structural Engineer

Pavlos Michos (02 | Architecture & Mech. Engineering) - Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

Pavlos Michos (02 | Architecture & Mech. Engineering) - Passive House Consultant

Angeliki Stathopoulou (Netzero) - Passive House Consultant

Stefanos Pallantzas (Hellenic Passive House Institute) - Passive House Certification

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