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"The Greenford Gardens Quilt".


The proposal consists of the demolition of the existing bungalow and outbuildings, and the erection of two 3 bedroom, semi-detached, two storey properties with associated car parking, cycle storage, refuse storage, landscaping and amenity space.

Our design attempts to realize the potentials of the site by increasing the accommodation density providing excellent quality housing and at the same time achieving a viable development.  


In terms of materiality we will provide a variety of elements such us white rendered elevations, glazed open facades that allow natural daylight to enter the building at the submerged ground floor level and timber clad surfaces.

The area and the surrounding urban fabric given the current mosaic of styles and buildings evident is inviting to a unique design that will attempt to enhance the experience of the end user and the people visiting or passing by it. The aim is to design an exceptional building that will be of the highest quality internally, externally and in relation to its context and to the wider environment taking account the strategic policies of the Ealing Council and the London Plan.

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